7th Ceremony arrives in the UK!

7th Ceremony Geometry

7th Ceremony Geometry

The 7th Ceremony, newest addition to The Template, will be facilitated for the first time in Europe by Juliet and Jiva Carter on Sunday 24th February 2013 at the Town Hall in Glastonbury.

‘The supreme organising principle of the Maha Tantra of Creation is rippling through the planetary alignments in this time of transformation, searching
 for Worldbridgers able to receive its luminous transmission. The waveforms 
of neuro-coustic interplay between the 7th Template Code and its resonant 
hyper-vortex geometry awakens the fearless self to embrace this rhythmic pulse of Kundalini. The sap that rises through the tree of life, this creative frequency of love, activates the light body matrix.’

More information in Juliet’s letter.

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Love and blessings from us all.

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