About Us

Stargaia is a holistic centre based in Glastonbury, near Bristol England, offering a quiet vegetarian/vegan Retreat space for short stays;
Natural Therapies;
a range of inspiring Workshops and Events around personal empowerment to global awakening.

Situated on the famous Wirral Hill, also known as Wearyall Hill, the centre is blessed with fantastic views and is just 5 mins walk from the town centre.

In the heart of the legendary land of Avalon, this hill is the home of the Holy Thorn tree which marks the St. Michael ley line. At this precise point there is a powerful natural energy spiral akin to the energy formations found at sacred sites.

There is a natural beauty and peace to this special place which is enhanced by wonderful panoramic sunrises and sunsets.

In Summer we organise visits to Crop Circles & Sacred Sites such as Stonehenge & Avebury. To arrange an outing Contact Us

Workshops & Consultations

The Template – Workshops with Sacred Geometry which include the Flower of Life to strengthen our energy field
Mayan Calendar – Discover & explore the sacred Mayan Calendar – Taped Mayan Readings
Astrology – Individual Reports, Taped Readings and Workshops
Flower Essences – Personal Postal Consultations
Reiki – Attunements, Training and Treatments

Our Resources

To view our Products on Sacred Geometry and the Mayan Calendar, go to the Stargaia shop

We hope that you enjoy your visit to Stargaia.com!

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