Both as a science and an art, Astrology maps the forever changing patterns of planetary bodies moving across the sky.

The science measures the spatial positions of celestial bodies in relation to the earth, as they move across the Zodiac.

The art involves interpreting the archetypal symbols of these planets in ‘signs and houses’ as well as the dynamic interrelationships of their energies.

The latter present us with myriad opportunities to grow as we, the players, are responsible for manifesting the positive aspects of such energies through our awareness.

A Natal Chart and other related astrological charts are therefore creative tools which use a symbolic language to describe our personal talents and challenges.

They offer new perspectives and opportunities regarding our potential as an individual.

Astrology Workshops and Events

The astrological glyph for Aquarius

The astrological glyph for Aquarius

As we enter the Age of Aquarius, Astrology is now retrieving its importance as many more people recognise the wisdom of this extensive body of knowledge.

The astrological symbolism and universal archetypes can be reinvented to help us bring on the new paradigm.

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Astrology Reports or Readings

With 30 years experience as a professional astrologer, Claudie Planche also offers postal astrological services which include Reports and recorded Personal Readings.

The full consultation, recorded on cd, lasts about an hour. It includes the interpretation of your natal chart, a printed report as well as the key current and future trends.

We will require the following:

– Name & Address

– Birth Date – (day/month/year)

– Birth Place – (town / country)

– Birth Time – (24-hour clock)
– Any specific question(s) you may have

Full consultation with CD, charts & booklet
£68 including UK / Europe postage
Outside Europe, contact us
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Mayan Astrology

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