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‘Awakening the lightbody matrix’

The Reconnection of Electromagnetic Circuits in the Human Template or original blueprint using our natural resonance with the 5 Elements and Sacred Geometry. Tested with kinesiology.

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THE TEMPLATE : more Info…

The Template Ceremonies do not need to be done all at once but they have to be in sequence.

Ceremonies 1 to 6 in Glastonbury

C1 Original Innocence
C2 Synthesis
C3 Sacred Breath
C4 Source
C5 Temple of Time
C6 Worldbridger

Ceremonies 1 to 4
C1 – Fri 27 April 2018 16:00 to 20:00
C2 & C3 – Sat 28 April 10:00-13:30 and 14:30-18:00
C4 – Sun 29 April 10:00 to 16:00

Ceremonies 5 and 6
C5 – Sat 2 June 2018 10:00 to 16:00
C6 – Sun 3 June 10:00 to 16:00

Ceremonies 1 to 4
C1 – Fri 6 July 2018 16:00 to 20:00
C2 & C3 – Sat 7 July 10:00-13:30 and 14:30-18:00
C4 – Sun 8 July 14:00 to 18:00

Ceremonies 1 to 6
C1 – Thur 23 August 2018 16:00 to 20:00
C2 & C3 – Fri 24 August 10:00-13:30 and 14:30-18:00
C4 – Sat 25 August 14:00 to 18:00
C5 – Sun 26 August 10:00 to 16:00
C6 – Mon 27 August 10:00 to 16:00

C1 to C6 facilitated by Claudie Planche
at Stargaia, Glastonbury

– £75 per Ceremony
(deposit £75)

C1 to C6 facilitated by Claudie Planche
at Stargaia, Glastonbury

– some residential B&B accommodation available on request

Info & Booking

Sacred Geometry and Conscious Living

The Template Sacred Geometry

The Template Sacred Geometry

Why Sacred Geometry?

When living consciously and bringing positive changes to help our planet, it is important that we maintain a coherent ‘high vibration’ within ourselves. This frequency then manifests into our daily existence. Already being vegetarian/vegan is a major choice which enhances life, however we can go even further if we look at Sacred Geometry, which is the fundamental blueprint of all living things.

Geometric patterns and shapes express the pure frequency of the natural matrix. This is why Sacred Geometry can play an essential role in maintaining our life force and strengthening our energy. This can be demonstrated with muscle testing. During the experience of the Template workshops our electromagnetic circuits are reconnected through our resonance with Sacred Geometry.

In the Template Workbook Juliet Carter writes:

“A vegetarian/vegan diet is the first step in transcending the gross tendencies that govern our dualistic existence. Ideally it is preferable to make this decision from your own inner realizations and the voice of compassion in your heart rather than from guilt or shame. However, if you cannot hear that voice, become a vegetarian and you will.
The reconnection of circuitry will assist this move away from one of Humanity’s darkest and deepest addictions by reconnecting the energy supply to the endocrine system and redefining the way in which we sustain life, not through an adopted discipline, but from the harmonious unfoldment of organic alignments radiating from our core… from the heart.”
Juliet Carter, The Template

I regularly facilitate The Template in Glastonbury UK in English at Stargaia vegeterian/vegan retreat and I am pleased to be coming to Paris on Saturday 18 April to facilitate the Template Sacred Geometry Workshop Parts 1 and 2.


Saturday 18 April 2015

Ceremony 1: Original Innocence
10:00 to 13:30
Ceremony 2: Sacred Marriage
14:30 to 18:00

Facilitated by Claudie Planche, teacher and translator of the Template Ceremonies for 14 years.
Presented in French, and during the Ceremonies in both French and English.

Espace Lancelot
29 rue des Trois Bornes, Paris 11e
Access through the shop “Le Jardin du Graal”
Métro: Parmentier, Oberkampf, Goncourt, Couronnes

Participation: 90 euros per ceremony

Payment online by credit card/Paypal

Reservation Ceremony 1 – 90 euros

Reservation Ceremonies 1&2 – 180 euros

If you would like to pay by check in euros made out to C. Planche or by cash, contact-us

– Please bring a pocket sized mirror
– You can have lunch in the venue at their organic café restaurant or bring your own packed lunch.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

The Template Books are available in French and English

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Sacred Geometry Original Innocence Ceremony

Set aside some peaceful time and space to enjoy this groundbreaking video from the Template team. View online or for smoother viewing download the 35min full video of The Template 1st Ceremony called “Original Innocence“.

The Template 1st Ceremony – Ceremony Of Original Innocence

The full high quality DVD pack is available complete with a detailed booklet and two audio CDs from our online Stargaia Shop plus you can take part in all of The Template Ceremonies in person.

For our up to date workshops diary check our latest Events page.

The Template Ceremony 5 in Glastonbury

The Template 5th Ceremony - Solar geometry

The Template 5th Ceremony – Solar geometry

Good news for 2014! I am now regularly facilitating The Template Ceremony Number 5 of The Template which anchors further energetic reconnections through Sacred Geometry.

The Template Ceremony workshops are facilitated in the heart of Avalon at Stargaia, Glastonbury.

The Template Ceremony Number 5 is called the Temple of Time and is a major step towards strengthening our electromagnetic field and to face the magnetic perturbation of our Moon.

8 pieces of geometry relating to the planets of our solar system are used to reconnect 8 bio-circuits in our energy field permanently.

Next Template Sacred Geometry Workshops at Stargaia, Glastonbury :
Sat 15, Sun 16 & Mon 17 February 2014
Sat 8, Sun 9 & Mon 10 March
Sat 19, Sun 20 & Mon 21 April (Easter weekend).

In the growing light

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The Template Ceremonies and What To Expect

The Template Worldbridger Ceremonies

The Template Worldbridger Ceremonies


This is a reminder of what to expect as you anticipate the upcoming Template events. As these alchemical experiences draw near the nature of their shamanic dynamics will be preparing you to align with the energetic recalibration that occurs as a result of a true process of transformation. A level of change that is not simply allowing you to make this version of reality work for you but the realisation that it was never designed to do so.

This process reveals the illusions, deceptions and downright insanity that passes as the prevailing cultural and social institutions and belief systems. As you recognise that your true nature as a conscious conduit of life and love eternal is no longer resonant with this paradigm there is sense of disassociation. You are separating from the consensus and searching for “alternative” systems of belief through which to reestablish your resonant identity…only to find they too are based on deeper addictions and programs.

Many of you are discovering and researching a countless catalogue of conspiracies that expose a governing system of suppression and enslavement that can only culminate in a worrying “end game” scenario. You are realising that this is a manifestation of the symptoms of a systemic aberration that is occurring as a result of the manipulation of the higher physics of creation that has created a modified race functioning in a mutant paradigm. The solution is to be found in the discovery and resurrection of the true Human design and the establishment of its counter resonant holistic environment. There is nothing else left to do. It is entirely based on electromagnetic integrity. That is the basis of the Template Model.

This is an intensive process. The transformation that occurs is preempted by the necessity to make room for it! Which is why as you near the time of Ceremony you not only begin to face the state of this reality but those aspects of yourself that have been entrained in order for you to function within it. Aspects that as you energetically separate from them cling on in ways that may convince you that they are separate entities.

I would like to say it’s easy…but I can’t. You have everything you need to accomplish it but it’s unpleasant at times…and at times euphoric as you tune into the gratitude for the opportunity to realise transcendence. The first phase of Ceremonies brought your awareness to the insanity of this world and in time you were able to integrate and deal with the discrepancy between this reality and your own understanding of an existence beyond duality. It is much easier to face the problems of the world than to face yourself. The phase that began with the 6th Ceremony and intensified with the 7th & 8th is bringing your awareness to the discrepancies between the emergence of your true self and the residual manifestation of your negative personality characteristics, belief systems and addictive behaviour patterns. Some of you are identifying this as a “meltdown” or as “loosing your mind”. You are and it’s ok. In fact it’s a known aspect of a shamanic rebirth and you are to be congratulated. At the workshops we will go into how to deal with this situation and become the navigator of this awesome journey.

The 9th Ceremony is another phase altogether. The phase of actualisation. A word whose frequency sums it up is LIBERATION. Liberation comes with responsibility. My own experience of the pre and post impact of this Ceremony has been one of an relentless evaluation of EVERYTHING, RELEASING and CLEANSING.The collapse of old programs is accompanied by the support of your ability to access a massive amount of light data. We look forward to sharing this and the information that accompanies it in a matter of days!!

With love

The Template Ceremonies 1 to 4 are on 9th and 10th November 2013 at Stargaia Glastonbury with Claudie Planche see Events

Juliet and Jiva Carter  facilitate the Template Ceremonies 5 to 9 in Glastonbury on 28 Nov to 2 Dec 2013.

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First Winter Solstice After 2012

Sunrise 21 December 2012, Glastonbury UK

Sunrise 21 December 2012, Glastonbury UK

As we approach the 21st December 2013 – the first Winter Solstice after 2012 – we are preparing for the seed brought by this new cycle in the solar year.

This definitely feels like a fresh start especially as the 260 day wheel of the Tzolkin – also known as the ‘sacred Mayan Calendar‘ – turns four days before on 17th December 2013.

The 13 day cycle which opens the Tzolkin is the 1 Imix cycle. Linked to our ‘first mother’ the Milky way, it comes to reminds us of our galactic connection just one solar year after the 2012 portal.

The day-sign Imix, adapted from the <a href="">Maya Cards</a>

The day-sign Imix, adapted from the Maya Cards

As part of the 1 Imix cycle, the Winter Solstice 2013 is either the day 5 Chicchan or 6 Cimi in the various local times across the globe. This year our galactic identity will be expressed through the empowerment of our kundalini energy (5 Chicchan/ 5 Serpent) and the dynamic remembrance of ancestral knowledge (6 Cimi).

Come and join us for a Special Mayan Calendar Event to welcome the new solar cycle at Stargaia in Glastonbury!

Mayan Calendar Winter Solstice Event

Sunday 22 December 2013
11:00 to 13:00

with Claudie Planche
at Stargaia, Glastonbury
Participation : £5

To book a place contact us

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Special Offer until 1st January 2014

Mayan Calendar Resources

Mayan Calendar Resources

We are offering 10% reduction before 1st January 2014 on all our Mayan Calendar resources for our Facebook friends and website visitors.

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The Munai-Ki Rites 12-13 October in Glastonbury

The Munay-Ki Rites come from the descendents of the Inka, the indigenous people from the Andes mountains of Peru. Traditionally, one must spend many years in sacred study before and between receiving these Initiatory Rites. The Elders believe that we are at a critical juncture in human history and that these Rites now need to be transmitted to as many people as possible.

They are given as the next step in the evolution of humanity; to realign and attune our neuro-pathways and truly shift human consciousness. These Initiatory Rites, in essence, empower us to step up to the task of assuming stewardship for the Earth and all creation. The Inka prophecies speak about a new human appearing on the planet – one who lives free of fear and resides in his or her transcendent nature. The Munay-Ki are the codes for the new human.

Once you have received all nine Rites, it is asked that you pass them on to others. According to the prophecy, we will then witness the birth of a new form of human on the planet and the dawn of a new civilization. We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

The Inka Munai Ki Rites

The Inka Munai Ki Rites

12 & 13 October 2013
both days from 9:30am to 5:30pm

55 Hill Head
Somerset BA6 8AW

INCLUDES: Pi-Stone, DVD and manual
Investment: £170.00
Concessions and payment plans available: contact Hetty on 07432 21699

For more info contact Hetty on 07432 21699
To book contact us


Day 1:
Opening Ceremony, Introduction to Andean Spiritual tradition and the Nine Munay-Ki Rites
Discussion of the Earth Element followed by practical exercises to connect with Mother Earth, who cleanses and transforms all our heavy energy.
Receive 3 Munay-Ki Rites: The Healer Rite, The Bands of Power and the Daykeeper Rite
Harmony Rite (with Discussion of the 7 archetypes)
Work with the element water (which washes and balances our emotions)
Seer Rite (opening our perception)

Day 2:
Discussion and exercises with the Fire element
Wisdomkeeper Rite
Earthkeeper Rite
Work with the Air element (purifies and enlightens)
Starkeeper Rite
Creator Rite
Processing our experiences
Closing Fire Ceremony

The Nine Rites :
The nine rites are broken up into three categories:
Foundation Rites
Lineage Rites
Rites to come

The Foundation Rites consist of:
Healer’s Rite
Bands of Power Rite
Harmony Rite
Seer’s Rite

The Lineage Rites consist of:
Daykeeper’s Rite
Wisdomkeeper’s Rite
Earthkeeper’s Rite

The Rites to Come consist of:
Starkeeper’s Rite
Creator Rite

To book for this event in Glastonbury Contact us

Theta Healing Workshop Seminar with Hetty Driessen

Certified Theta Healing Training

Certified Theta Healing Training

Certified Theta Healing Basic Training

DATES: 3 Day Workshop – 27th, 28th and 29th September 2013
TIME: 9.30AM – 5.30PM
VENUE: STARGAIA in Glastonbury UK

Hetty Driessen Theta Healing

Hetty Driessen Theta Healing

Hetty Driessen – Theta Healing Trainer

Hetty has been teaching Theta Healing since 2002 in Australia, Europe, South Africa, Canada, USA and Peru & Recently recertified in Mexico with up to date techniques.

About This Theta Healing Event

This seminar stands perfectly well on its own, but is a prerequisite for the 2nd Advanced DNA level, which Hetty can teach whenever you are ready.

      You will learn how to go into a Theta state and from there connected to Creator of All that Is you will learn how to do a remote viewing.
      Change beliefs no longer serving you on all 4 levels.
      Connect to your Angels and Guides.
      Clear “old” contracts, oaths and vows.
      Clear entities and reclaim our Soul Fragments.
      Clear any fears, angers, resentments and grudges.
      Release Depression and find Joy again.
      Your DNA will be fully activated to its original 12 strands.
      Change Genetic defects where needed.
    And so much more….

This seminar includes the Theta Healing Book 1 plus a Manual.
This course is 75% practical.

Theta Healing Qualification

You will be a Certified Theta Healer at end of course.

Join This Theta Healing Seminar

* BOOKING Essential * Only a few places left *
Your Lifetime investment: £305 (lunch and teas included)
– A deposit of £50 secures your place and you will receive the big Theta Healing book.
There are possibilities for agreed payment plans.
You can pay via PayPal using Hetty’s contact email:

Contact and Booking Details

For more information Contact Stargaia or email Hetty on above email or Phone UK mobile: 07432 216299
Check Hetty’s website

Stellar Radiance

Inspired by the book Worldbridger which presents information about The Template, a reader created a diagram to explain Stellar Radiance. I post it here with his kind permission.

The diagram perfectly illustrates how light energy is transmitted to us from Source. It introduces Stellar Radiance which characterises the starry forms of sacred geometry used in the 3rd Template Ceremony.

GaiaTerraPrana Star - The Template 3rd Ceremony

GaiaTerraPrana Star – The Template 3rd Ceremony

“Stellar radiance is that form of light which carries the creation code of prana.”

I let you read this in texts and images.

Stellar Radiance Diagram by Achemyst Mystique

The Template, Stellar Radiance – Diagram by Achemyst Mystique

The book Worldbridger, the catalyst for this diagram, contains a wide scope of information. The discovery of this information and its application over the years to restore the strength of the Human electromagnetic field are put in the context of the fascinating experiences lived by the authors Juliet and Jiva Carter.

To order this book, click Worldbridger.

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