Flower of Life

Vesica Pisces Chalice Well Glastonbury

Vesica Pisces Chalice Well Glastonbury

The Flower of Life is a very harmonising pattern of Sacred Geometry.

Describing the genesis of life itself this geometry contains in its basis the Vesica Piscis with the first two interlaced circles or spheres.

It is one of the symbols of Glastonbury in the heart of the legendary land of the Isle of Avalon.

Here the two Red and White Springs flow side by side at the foot of the Tor, the famous hill with terraces, and used to be part of celtic initiations.

We can admire the Vesica in the Chalice Well Garden, carved on the lid of the well by Hamish Miller. It also shapes the flux of the waters in the fountain lying in the lower part of the garden.

The Flower of Life is one of the pieces of Sacred Geometry used in the alchemical Ceremonies of The Template.

As shown with muscle testing, the resonance of this geometry, also called the ‘Creation Mandala’, reconnects 5 electromagnetic bio-circuits in the human energy system. These include the cerebral cortex circuit.

A 3D Flower of Life is the resonant geometric component in the 4th Template Ceremony called Source.

The Template, 3d Flower of Life

The Template, 3d Flower of Life

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