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by Claudie Planche
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The Maya Cards are based on the Tzolkin, the sacred Mayan Calendar which is traditionally used for astrology, divination, shamanism and ceremonies.

Drawing the Maya Cards is a very good way to get to know the 20 solar day-signs and 13 numbers of the Tzolkin.

Whilst honouring these sacred energies, their presentation in the form of cards enables you to explore and interact with them.

Their messages are revealed by combining traditional aspects with modern interpretations. However the personal and creative relationship that you develop with this living language is just as important.

2012 is the culmination of many evolutionary cycles, these symbols contain codes which activate our cosmic identity. They revive within us the profound wisdom of those inter-dimensional travellers, the Maya.

The Maya Cards are also a living Mayan Calendar. They can be used to follow the day-to-day progression of every combination of numbers and day-signs.

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Our NEW book on the Mayan Calendar :
Starmaya, Mayan Calendar Astrology

This colour book presents Mayan Astrology
based on the Mayan Calendar in full detail.
It includes various interpretation techniques
and a Mayan Calendar Calculator, using the traditional day-count.

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