Sacred Geometry and Conscious Living

The Template Sacred Geometry

The Template Sacred Geometry

Why Sacred Geometry?

When living consciously and bringing positive changes to help our planet, it is important that we maintain a coherent ‘high vibration’ within ourselves. This frequency then manifests into our daily existence. Already being vegetarian/vegan is a major choice which enhances life, however we can go even further if we look at Sacred Geometry, which is the fundamental blueprint of all living things.

Geometric patterns and shapes express the pure frequency of the natural matrix. This is why Sacred Geometry can play an essential role in maintaining our life force and strengthening our energy. This can be demonstrated with muscle testing. During the experience of the Template workshops our electromagnetic circuits are reconnected through our resonance with Sacred Geometry.

In the Template Workbook Juliet Carter writes:

“A vegetarian/vegan diet is the first step in transcending the gross tendencies that govern our dualistic existence. Ideally it is preferable to make this decision from your own inner realizations and the voice of compassion in your heart rather than from guilt or shame. However, if you cannot hear that voice, become a vegetarian and you will.
The reconnection of circuitry will assist this move away from one of Humanity’s darkest and deepest addictions by reconnecting the energy supply to the endocrine system and redefining the way in which we sustain life, not through an adopted discipline, but from the harmonious unfoldment of organic alignments radiating from our core… from the heart.”
Juliet Carter, The Template

I regularly facilitate The Template in Glastonbury UK in English at Stargaia vegeterian/vegan retreat and I am pleased to be coming to Paris on Saturday 18 April to facilitate the Template Sacred Geometry Workshop Parts 1 and 2.


Saturday 18 April 2015

Ceremony 1: Original Innocence
10:00 to 13:30
Ceremony 2: Sacred Marriage
14:30 to 18:00

Facilitated by Claudie Planche, teacher and translator of the Template Ceremonies for 14 years.
Presented in French, and during the Ceremonies in both French and English.

Espace Lancelot
29 rue des Trois Bornes, Paris 11e
Access through the shop “Le Jardin du Graal”
Métro: Parmentier, Oberkampf, Goncourt, Couronnes

Participation: 90 euros per ceremony

Payment online by credit card/Paypal

Reservation Ceremony 1 – 90 euros

Reservation Ceremonies 1&2 – 180 euros

If you would like to pay by check in euros made out to C. Planche or by cash, contact-us

– Please bring a pocket sized mirror
– You can have lunch in the venue at their organic café restaurant or bring your own packed lunch.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

The Template Books are available in French and English

For more information, contact us