Sacred Geometry Works!



Sacred Geometry is present in many traditions and civilisations throughout the world. Inspiring works of architecture and artistic mandalas using the Phi Golden Ratio enhance man’s physical and spiritual harmony with nature, uniting the cosmos, the plants, the minerals and the human body itself.

The universe is the living expression of patterns in matter: mater/pater, from the latin, or mother/father united in creation.
Over the last 20 years, particularly in this country, there has been an abundance of Crop Circles and stunning geometric formations have been prompting the modern world to remember this universal wisdom that the ancients knew so well.

As numbers unfold in space, from the point to the line and onwards into the next dimensions, we can recognise the basic shapes. For example, fitting perfectly within a sphere, the 5 Platonic solids represent the Elements of Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Ether, the very alchemy of life.

Windmill Hill Formation

Windmill Hill Formation

Recently, Quantum Physics has started to expand our perception of matter, and as we go deeper into the subatomic world, we find electromagnetic vibrations. The geometries of the Platonic and the Archimedean solids contain the same elementary polarity relating to the masculine and feminine potencies of creation. So it is not surprising that human beings have a natural ‘resonance’ with geometric shapes. Through muscle testing of specific key points in our body, as used in The Template work, we find that interaction with sacred geometry strengthens us physically and at all levels.

It is time to realise how Sacred Geometry works beautifully around us and within us.


  1. Awesome article, I thought I was the only one that recognised the mater / matter correspondence – never looked at patterns as pater though – I think you could be on to something with that. There are loads of clues in our language, it’s almost like the scholars of the day knew a little more than they let on! 🙂

    • Stargaia says:

      I agree you have a good point there we’re probably just scratching the surface! Thanks Jonny your comments are appreciated. 🙂

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