Template Ceremonies in West Cork, Ireland

The Template in Ireland

The Template in Ireland

A warm thank you to all 16 participants who came to The Template weekend in West Cork bringing their lovely energies to this pioneering event.

It is the first time The Template Ceremonies have been facilitated in Ireland and the wonderful frequencies of Sacred Geometry woke up the Irish spirit right on the Autumn Equinox of 2012.

We thank Florence for being our helpful guide for the Drombeg Stone Circle, an amazingly beautiful megalithic site overlooking the sea. We had many rainbows that afternoon, blessing this sacred place on the day 7 EB in the Mayan Calendar. Interestingly this stone circle has already made its appearance in the Template Trailer Video.

Last but not least a big thank you to Isaac for inviting us and organising the event in this vibrant region of Cork, Ireland. It has also set the scene for the Ceremonies in Dublin next weekend.

Hoping that you can also join us to continue the Celtic connection in February 2013 for *The Template Special Event 2013 in Glastonbury* which will feature the new 7th Ceremony for the first time in Europe! See more details in Events.

Contact us for more information about The Template Ceremonies in Glastonbury, UK and internationally.

With love

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