The Template 1st Ceremony “Original Innocence” Full Film

We are delighted to share this link for the full 1st Template Ceremony now Free on video.

This extraordinary 36 minutes long movie is both pioneering and powerful.
To make the most of this opportunity, give yourself a nice quiet space in order to experience the amazing Sacred Geometry and sublime music.

For the best uninterrupted experience download the high quality version directly from Vimeo.

With heartfelt thanks to Juliet, Jiva, Zak and the team.
Claudie ♥

For our next Workshop dates and further information see The Template Ceremonies.

Sat 7 & Sun 8 April 2012 (Easter weekend)

at Stargaia, Glastonbury


  1. Ryan Reeves says:

    Gratitude and love!!!! Peace has begun!!!!

  2. Felipe O. Bianchi says:

    Grato pela oportunidade de estar aqui nesse belo planeta, fazendo parte da família humanidade. Paz e Amor eternamente a todos!!!

  3. Margarida Marmelo says:

    Love and Gratitude!

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