The Template Ceremonies and What To Expect

The Template Worldbridger Ceremonies

The Template Worldbridger Ceremonies


This is a reminder of what to expect as you anticipate the upcoming Template events. As these alchemical experiences draw near the nature of their shamanic dynamics will be preparing you to align with the energetic recalibration that occurs as a result of a true process of transformation. A level of change that is not simply allowing you to make this version of reality work for you but the realisation that it was never designed to do so.

This process reveals the illusions, deceptions and downright insanity that passes as the prevailing cultural and social institutions and belief systems. As you recognise that your true nature as a conscious conduit of life and love eternal is no longer resonant with this paradigm there is sense of disassociation. You are separating from the consensus and searching for “alternative” systems of belief through which to reestablish your resonant identity…only to find they too are based on deeper addictions and programs.

Many of you are discovering and researching a countless catalogue of conspiracies that expose a governing system of suppression and enslavement that can only culminate in a worrying “end game” scenario. You are realising that this is a manifestation of the symptoms of a systemic aberration that is occurring as a result of the manipulation of the higher physics of creation that has created a modified race functioning in a mutant paradigm. The solution is to be found in the discovery and resurrection of the true Human design and the establishment of its counter resonant holistic environment. There is nothing else left to do. It is entirely based on electromagnetic integrity. That is the basis of the Template Model.

This is an intensive process. The transformation that occurs is preempted by the necessity to make room for it! Which is why as you near the time of Ceremony you not only begin to face the state of this reality but those aspects of yourself that have been entrained in order for you to function within it. Aspects that as you energetically separate from them cling on in ways that may convince you that they are separate entities.

I would like to say it’s easy…but I can’t. You have everything you need to accomplish it but it’s unpleasant at times…and at times euphoric as you tune into the gratitude for the opportunity to realise transcendence. The first phase of Ceremonies brought your awareness to the insanity of this world and in time you were able to integrate and deal with the discrepancy between this reality and your own understanding of an existence beyond duality. It is much easier to face the problems of the world than to face yourself. The phase that began with the 6th Ceremony and intensified with the 7th & 8th is bringing your awareness to the discrepancies between the emergence of your true self and the residual manifestation of your negative personality characteristics, belief systems and addictive behaviour patterns. Some of you are identifying this as a “meltdown” or as “loosing your mind”. You are and it’s ok. In fact it’s a known aspect of a shamanic rebirth and you are to be congratulated. At the workshops we will go into how to deal with this situation and become the navigator of this awesome journey.

The 9th Ceremony is another phase altogether. The phase of actualisation. A word whose frequency sums it up is LIBERATION. Liberation comes with responsibility. My own experience of the pre and post impact of this Ceremony has been one of an relentless evaluation of EVERYTHING, RELEASING and CLEANSING.The collapse of old programs is accompanied by the support of your ability to access a massive amount of light data. We look forward to sharing this and the information that accompanies it in a matter of days!!

With love

The Template Ceremonies 1 to 4 are on 9th and 10th November 2013 at Stargaia Glastonbury with Claudie Planche see Events

Juliet and Jiva Carter  facilitate the Template Ceremonies 5 to 9 in Glastonbury on 28 Nov to 2 Dec 2013.

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