The Template Ceremony 5 in Glastonbury

The Template 5th Ceremony - Solar geometry

The Template 5th Ceremony – Solar geometry

Good news for 2014! I am now regularly facilitating The Template Ceremony Number 5 of The Template which anchors further energetic reconnections through Sacred Geometry.

The Template Ceremony workshops are facilitated in the heart of Avalon at Stargaia, Glastonbury.

The Template Ceremony Number 5 is called the Temple of Time and is a major step towards strengthening our electromagnetic field and to face the magnetic perturbation of our Moon.

8 pieces of geometry relating to the planets of our solar system are used to reconnect 8 bio-circuits in our energy field permanently.

Next Template Sacred Geometry Workshops at Stargaia, Glastonbury :
Sat 15, Sun 16 & Mon 17 February 2014
Sat 8, Sun 9 & Mon 10 March
Sat 19, Sun 20 & Mon 21 April (Easter weekend).

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