The Template Special Event 2013

Only one month to go until the Template “Special Event 2013” in Glastonbury!
Juliet and Jiva Carter will be bringing the latest 7th and 8th Ceremonies for the first time in Europe.

After they facilitated the 7th Ceremony in Australia last summer, Juliet wrote :

“As with Worldbridger 1 (the 6th ceremony) this second Worldbridger activation is energising all the other 33 circuits to a more dynamic level. This will undoubtedly set in motion a deep cleanse on all levels (oh no, here we go again!). As I mentioned to Karl a few days ago, we are not only reprogramming dysfunctional tendencies that have manifested in this incarnation, we are dealing with the entrainment of eons that has reduced the magical Human to a level of desperate survival in a mutant paradigm. The healing process is immense – and yet it has been instigated and continues holistically and gradually with every breath you take. You will not be given more than you can truly deal with.”

Click here to read her full Newsletter.

The information for the 8th Ceremony – the next Worldbridger Ceremony – was received at the time of the Winter Solstice 2012.

Here is a summary of this unique upcoming event.

The Template Special Event Feb 2013

The Template Special Event Feb 2013

Template Ceremonies C1 to C4
Tues 19th to Thur 21st February 2013
with Jennifer Carmen
at the George and Pilgrims, Glastonbury

Template Ceremonies C5 to C8
Fri 22nd to Sun 24th February
with Juliet and Jiva Carter
at the Town Hall, Glastonbury

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