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As the creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn, the map of the evolution of the Human entity into a sovereign being able to access any time or energy level in the universe is indelibly written into your genetic codes.

Your ability to activate and integrate the fullness of these codes is a question of energy pathways or electromagnetic circuits in the body. The design and progression of The Template Ceremonies are a combination code which, through our natural resonance with Sacred Geometry, builds synergy with the vibratory infrastructure of the DNA, reconnecting bio-circuitry permanently.

These are processes that will assist you out of a fear-based perception of the present global situation and allow for a quantum shift.

During these difficult times in our history the highest evolutionary requisite is the achievement of a new paradigm,
understood in the mind
felt in the heart
and made tangible in the body.

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The Template Ceremonies are currently presented in Workshops in eleven parts :


C1 – The 12 Circuits Ceremony

C2 – The Sacred Marriage Ceremony
C3 – The Sacred Breath Ceremony

C4 – The Source Ceremony
C5 – The Temple of Time Ceremony

Worldbridger Ceremonies

C6, C7, C8, C9, C10 and C11

The Template Ceremonies must be experienced in sequence but not necessarily all at once.

Claudie Planche facilitates the first 6 Ceremonies offering regular Template Workshops in Glastonbury and there are UK Events with Juliet and Jiva Carter up to the 11th Ceremony.

Juliet and Jiva Carter are the authors of the Books The Template Workbook and Worldbridger as well as the Original Innocence DVD.
For 25 years Juliet and Jiva have been dedicated to the co-creation of the Ceremonies and have trained Ambassadors. Claudie Planche has been facilitating the Template Ceremonies internationally since 2002.

Gaia Aqua Solar Sphere - The Template

Gaia Aqua Solar Sphere – The Template

What will you experience as a result of the Ceremonies?

The changes are as variable as humans themselves because the Ceremonies meet you on every level of your being in your personal evolutionary process.
Although everyone experiences something different there are certain common denominators, such as:

– return of personal power
– feeling more centred
– change in relationships
– change in addiction patterns
– more clarity and focus

What people say about their experiences:

“I feel present, clear and joyful. I have better sustained energy than I have had for years – and the breath is ecstatic.” Jennifer

“I can no longer sustain relationships that are not based on equality. Everything has come into its place. I now feel that I have a structure that suits me as I am, not someone else’s.” Begoña

“I am now acutely aware of other people’s agendas, but I can be easy with this – it doesn’t cause me to lose my own centre.” Patrick

“I feel like I have had an injection of clarity.” John

“My ever expanding awareness that each moment for me now contains past, present and future has resulted in the realisation that I can see through all former realities and the illusion that is!” Claudia

“The anxiety I have had for years and the depression that was draining me have completely gone. I feel light and I find myself singing!” Teresa

“After a major operation I had closed down and was getting ready to die. After the Ceremonies I felt that I was returned to life. It was breathtaking – so subtle, but so powerful.” Dina

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The Template Sacred Geometry

The Template Sacred Geometry

Ceremony is a Seed, Plant It…

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