Natural Therapies for women : Reiki – Holistic Massage – Flower Essences

Usui Reiki

Reiki means universal (Rei) energy (Ki), the life force flowing through us which is connected to our health and vitality. Reiki also describes a healing technique for transmitting this life force energy mainly through a “laying on of hands”.

Developed in Japan by Dr Usui in the Mid 1800’s, Reiki derives from Tibetan Buddhism and is now widely used for individual and planetary healing.

In a Reiki healing the practitioner focuses directly on the physical body and can also work in the aura, at the emotional, mental and spiritual levels which are all interelated. A Reiki session is deeply relaxing, balancing and soothing, enabling the body to heal itself naturally and enhance other existing treatments.

Reiki attunements and training are also facilitated by Claudie Planche, individually or in groups. Reiki Treatment (1 hour) – £30

Reiki Attunement Workshops :

Level 1 only – £110
Level 2 only – £110
Level 1 and Level 2 – £200 (2 days)

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Holistic Massage for Women

Claudie Planche: Qualified Holistic Massage Practitioner Dip. VTCT

A deeply nurturing and revitalising experience.

It relaxes muscles in areas of tension, increasing circulation whilst helping remove toxins from the body in a gentle and soothing way.

Treatment (1 hour) – £38

Indian Head Massage (for women)

Helps release tension stored in the neck and shoulders, a common condition often brought on by our stressful modern lifestyles.

Treatment (30 mins) – £26

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Flower Essences

Claudie Planche: Qualified Flower Essence Practitioner

You can have a Free Flower Essence Chakra Balancing included as part of any therapy treatment

Flower Oils

To add more potency to the healing qualities of the body massage, I use Flower Oils. Flower oils are vibrational flower essences solarised in oil instead of water.

Unlike essential oils, flower oils have no toxicity and are completely safe. As a qualified Flower Essence Therapist I use a selection of Flower Oils relevant to your individual needs.

Hands & Feet therapeutic massage with Flower Oils

Treatment (30 mins) – £26

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